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Mining the Text to Quicken Autism Research

Recently Dennis Wall and collaborators launched an exciting new effort aimed at annotating the vast amount of literature published on autism.

The effort is called BioNotate. Bionotate represents an important step forward towards a sophisticated search engine that will enable faster, focused searches through the legacy of biomedical text on ASD, ultimately quickening the pace to discovery. The effort is a collaboration between Harvard University, University of Granada and Alias-i Inc.

new species of moth discovered in Hawaii

My colleague, Dr. Dan Rubinoff, is the true Indiana Jones of biology. He just discovered a new species of moth on Hawaii check it out here.
PS: he also discovered a carnivorous moth. No kidding. Meat eating moths. Think about it.

MSU national autism study

Michigan State University has been awarded a three-year, $2.1 million federal grant to serve as the data coordinating center for the largest epidemiological study ever on autism. Read more about it here.

Dennis Wall is now a member of Faculty of 1000

I was recently invited to join the Faculty of 1000, Biology -- the next generation literature awareness tool. It is a revolutionary online research service that comprehensively and systematically highlights and reviews the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of well over 2300 selected leading researchers ("Faculty Members").

connecting diseases through the phenotyic disease network

The definitions of diseases, especially complex multigenic diseases, are at best blurred. The phenotypic definition of Autism, for example, overlaps with many other disorders. Understanding how diseases relate to one another will not only improve definitions, but will have great impact on our understanding of molecular pathology of disease. This will turn into practical medical application through repurposing of research, and ultimately drugs.