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a machine learning tool that accelerates screening of autism

I recently gave a talk at the Autism Consortium Symposium held at Harvard Medical School on October 25 and attended by more than 600. In the talk I described my recent work on using artificial intelligence & machine learning to abbreviate the best-of-breed tools used for behavioral recognition of autism spectrum disorders. These approaches have helped me to identify a substantially shorter instrument that takes only minutes to complete but that achieves the same accuracy as the gold-standard tools.

making autism diagnosis fast and easy for all

we have improved our short questionnaire for screening and diagnosis of autism, and through the help of over 2000 participants have measured it to be over 98% accurate. The questionnaire contains only 7 questions and takes minutes to complete, 93% shorter than the standard tool and over 2 hours faster. If you are a careprovider for someone with autism, you can contribute to our research by answering the questions in this questionnaire here.

Post doctoral position

We have 2 post doctoral positions open now to work on the genetics of autism and on understanding the clinical impact of human genomic variation. Please contact us if you are interested. Competitive salary, great working environment, and an opportunity to contribute to two major health challenges.

Fast, accurate autism diagnosis

We recently designed a short, but effective behavioral questionnaire to diagnose autism. We have wrapped that questionnaire into an online survey in hopes that the entire community of caregivers will help us to validate the accuracy. So far, over 250 people have participated! We hope to bring that number to 500 by the end of the week -- April 1, 2011. Please help us spread the word.

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New era of genomic pathology

Transforming "personalized genomics" from party hype into clinical action requires disruptive computational innovation that is based within the heart of the health care enterprise. That is why I recently elected to join the Department of Pathology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to help launch a new program in Genomic Pathology.

Administrator position open

We are looking for a motivated, energetic hardworker to help keep our science rolling smoothly. You may read more and apply here. Competitive salary and great benefits.